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Die Cast Badges are produced by first of all, producing black and white mirror image artwork suitable to make a metal casting of the badge layout as a mold
Metal is poured into the mold so that we can make many copies of the same Badges at one time
All Badges must be exactly the same & have exactly the same information and layout as each other for this process.
It is not economical to make small orders less than 100x or sometimes 50x for larger badges, with this process
If any Badge needs to have different information on one of them, please ask us for an alternative method as this is the wrong process for this, unless we hang a bar underneath the main die cast badge for the changing information
We then hand and machine pollish every badge.
We then add either Gold, Silver, Nickel, or Zinc plating to each badge to suit your preference
The next step is to enamel colour fill the recessed areas on every badge and finish with a clear resin dome to enhance and protect
The three main Badge Clip options on the reverse are either, Butterfly clip, Brooch pin, or Magnetic
(This is sometimes determined by the size of the badges you require)

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