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We have a variety of equipment and processes that allow us to engrave, mark, cut or print on practically any surface.

Laser engraving  With our Lasers we are able to easily cut and engrave up to an area of 1000mm x 600mm.  Larger sized items can be catered for with the aid of a pass through system (the system can be opened and the item ‘passed through’ to allow for larger items)

Wood Engraving  All woods can be engraved including Solid timber, MDF and Plywood.  As all timbers engrave differently, some light, some dark, we often make the decision to colourfill the engraving  to give a more defined, contrast look.  This is discussed at time of order.  We can engrave text and/or images in fine detail with sharp definition with our quality Laser Engravers.

Metal Marking  A bonding agent is used and when laser engraved, the heat generated by the laser beam will permanently fuse to the metal creating high-contrast, high-resolution marks  This marking is resistant to weather including rain, wind and salt water making this process suitable for both interior and exterior use.  (not all metals can be marked this way so please ask)

Glass Etching  We have the option of laser etching or sand etching both of which produce an opaque frosted look on glassware. The sand etching technique is mainly used for irregular shaped items that cannot be laser etched. Glass etching can be achieved on glassware, glass awards, yard glasses, mirrors and much more.  We can etch text, and many graphics onto glass.

Acrylic/Perspex  Acrylic, also known as Perspex laser cuts and engraves well.  We can cut up to 20mm acrylic and engrave into the surface.  Acrylic can be cut to any shape then engrave text and graphics into the acrylic.  The limit is your imagination. We stock clear, opaque, white and black as well as gold and silver mirror acrylic.  Other colours are available on request.  Clear, Black and tint colours result in a whitish contrast when engraved.

Laminates  Engraving laminates are readily available in a variety of colours and thicknesses. We use laminates for specific purposes including, but not limited to, electrical and industrial labels and tags, exterior plaques and signs, name badges, door signs, key-tags, earrings and much more.

Plastics With the aid of new technology we are able to mark plastics in ultra fine detail. Including HDPE, Delrin®, ABS, PVD, Polymide, Silicon, Polycabonate, Nylon and Teflon® (PTFE).

Cutting  We can laser cut many materials including MDF up to 9mm, Acrylic up to 10mm, Laserable plywood, Leather, Card, Paper, Laminates and more.  This process is accurate, precise and consistent which is vital when producing large quantities of products, services or repeat orders.  We produce an extensive range of laser cut and engraved products in house including cake toppers, artworks, gift/card boxes, fridge magnets, décor signs, pendants, key-rings, earrings, puzzles and tealight lanterns.

Colour Printing  We have different equipment and processes that can be used to achieve full colour printing.  Catering for title plates for trophies and awards, presentation plaques, 21st keys, coffee mugs, t/shirts  and much more.  Depending on your requirements we would determine the best process to achieve your desired outcome.

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